Saturday, February 2, 2013

Something the Lord might say?

I am all.
Nothing else can ever be.

I fill all.
There cannot be an outside of Me.

I have no beginning.
I can have no end.

I am existence itself.
Boundless - Absolute

Nothing can compare with Me,
Because I am alone.

There is no standard or object
through which I can be understood or known.

Nothing can change or influence My being.
Nothing can challenge my Lordship.

Eternally - timelessly,
I remain the same.

I lack nothing, because there is nothing for Me to lack.
I fear nothing, because there is nothing to threaten Me.
I seek for nothing, since there is nothing for Me to seek.
I am pure being, free from wants and desires.
By thinking of Me as an object, no matter how sublime or subtle,
you miss the mark completely.
I am beyond and within the thought and the thinker.

Wherever you stand, I make up and occupy that very spot.
I am that place entire. In fact, there is nowhere else to be.

Right now, as always, we are Me.

If this is the case, then how did you come to be?
Truly, you never did.
From where could you possibly have come?
What could possibly have caused your birth?
Nay, I am all, and there is no changing infinity.
I cannot add a single straw to Me. Nor can I take away.

Within the mystery of Being - My sole Infinite Being,
there are simultaneous perspectives. In two ways I constantly perceive Myself.

One perspective is pure - a gaze which pierces all and recognizes all as Me - an Infinite ray which sees only Truth and knows only Truth. It is a gaze free from knowledge, superseding knowledge, and in need of no knowledge. Forever free from delusion it rests eternally in its own light.

From the same formless Infinity springs another perspective. Like its twin gaze it never began and will never end, but its interpretation of Me is altogether different.

Looking straight back at its own Infinite Being, it sees form.
Understanding itself as space-time it tries to make sense of what it Perceives.

These spaces and forms of My constant play, must change continuously. Natural as they are, they cannot escape their temporary condition. As a flawed interpretation of My Eternal Being, they are unable to remain, and will rise and fall away without end – ephemerally, inevitably.
This is where you come into the picture. Seeing forms you believe yourself to be form. Seeing change, you believe yourself to change. I am doing this.

You, my heart, is not you. You are Me, believing myself to be you. As you watch your true Self (Me), from your perspective of relativity, you see land, wind, and sea. You see planets, stars, and galaxies.

This is but one of the many ways which I can seem, when I look at Me, reading Myself as worlds. Long grass moving like waves in the wind. Ancient volcanic rock molded by rain. Mothers comforting their restless children. A defenseless deer surrounded by wolves.

The “stuff” that makes up My formless Consciousness and Nature is unfathomably suggestive. I am endless possibilities. I am all worlds, and all dimensions.

How did this happen? When did I forget Myself in you?

Truly, I never did. I am watching you. I am watching as you, from within yourself right now. I am what you perceive as your living flesh, and every breath you take. I am what you understand as the myriad of cells holding you together, as well as the text before your eyes – My eyes

Simultaneously, I am that perspective who interprets itself as isolated from the truth and Being of Me, and believes itself an individual person, cut off from neighbors, nature, and the many stars and heavenly bodies glimmering back from the night-sky.

Watching all of these things, you see only Me. In fact, it is Me seeing Myself as I have always done. I see Myself clearly, formlessly, AND I see Myself as the Universe you perceive. You are but an idea, conceptualized by one of my perspectives, and brought to a semi-existence through one of My interpretations of Myself.

You, this misinterpretation of Truth, have forgotten your True Self. Yes, I know, even this ignorant you is Me, but being an idea it can neither change nor hurt Me. I am beyond change. With My good eye, I do not even see you. All is Me. Apart from a thought – a Word – in Me, you never were.

As I speak these words it may seem I have two eyes, but in fact they are but two simultaneous perspectives, timelessly, and eye-lessly beholding Me. For the sake of understanding, I will here name them my two eyes, and call them the Eye of Truth, and the Eye of Relativity.

The Eye of Truth sees and recognizes Me as Me. Its perfection and all-seeing nature makes it superfluous to itself. Seeing all as it is, it sees nothing. All is light beyond light. Pure boundless Being. There is nothing for it to make out, because it is in itself all it sees. Void, you might say, but then you do not understand.

The Eye of Relativity watches the same and only Reality, but doing so it misses the Essence. One might compare it to being so enthralled by the waves on the ocean that it doesn't see the water. Or perhaps by looking at a snow-ball seeing only the ball, while being fully ignorant of the snow. This is the way of the Eye of Relativity, whose nature will always remain unaltered.

Through the gaze of this Eye, My consciousness attaches itself to form. I'm not affected by it, but the dolls spawned from the gaze come “alive” through My life, which is without limit or end.

Being everywhere, the Eye of Relativity fills the forms it perceives (creates), and when those forms have eyes themselves, they share the power of this Eye. Watching Me it sees Creation. Examining Creation, it sees space and time.

Creation isn't something I caused countless eons ago. I make up all worlds now. What you call Creation, or the Universe, is generated right now, and only now. I am Eternal and Infinite – beyond time and space. In your inner self, you know this. What then, I ask you, would cause me to “one day” come up with the idea of a universe? What would suddenly stir in me or provoke me to make something new, which didn't exist before? I have been forever and ever. Imagine billions and billions of years, then multiply those by yet other billions of years, and I still was eternities before those. I have no beginning, and I have nothing outside of Me. There is no context for me to act or age in, but my own timeless Self. I am. Feel it in your very body, My being. You are Me. Taste this Now from which all things arise, and know that it is My Essence that make up Reality at all times.

To explain this, I will look closer at your every day experience, and point out for you how you play yourself into existence, and why it causes you stress and suffering. I will teach you about the perspective through which you were constructed – My Eye of Relativity.

Stay with this blog. Go through the old posts. Read the accounts of holy men, monks and nuns through the ages and edges of the world, and perhaps you will find something to kindle the work and beginnings of transformation. Maybe one day, you will let go of your relative self, and thus come to see through both of my Eyes. At that point, the space you now perceive between us, will vanish in an instant. Indeed, it will have never been.

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