Monday, March 12, 2012

The Meaning of Life Undressed

One of the things that characterizes human beings, is our ability to make sophisticated tools, and to plan for the future. It is not strange then, that we tend to think in terms of meaning and purpose. The purpose of bricks is to build, and the purpose of bows is to hunt or kill. The meaning of gathering and sowing is to eat. However, when we bring this idea of purpose and meaning to Life itself, I believe we are severely mistaken. When we ask for the meaning of life, we reduce Life itself to a means.

While we surround ourselves with tools and gadgets that are means to various ends, Being itself is not. And that is what makes it sacred. Sacred “things” has no meaning. By merely existing they constitute value. They do not need a function. Whenever we mistake a means for an end we are deceived. People who look for fame, wealth, or power in themselves are always disappointed. These are tools that can increase our options in life, but they can't provide a sense of fullness. They are not sacred.

Life, the greatest of miracles and gifts, is in itself a far greater treasure than anything we may acquire once we live and breath. It is the foundation of all other joys. When we truly live, in moments of contentment and happiness, we don't ask for meaning, but when we look out from our seemingly isolated and small place in the Universe, we come to wonder, what is the meaning of it all?

To find an answer to that question, there need to be a plan or a decision involved. That question requires a Creator that produces Life with an intention. (Random example: Souls are intended to go through life and hardships so that they may be purified.) When we think like that, we reduce Life and God to a human level of thinking. We reduce the sacredness of Life to a means. It becomes a mere path to another, yet untasted Mystery. It is also a rather barbaric vision of the Lord, who would in reality say: “Let's put these beings through wars and bloody conflict through thousands of years. Let's have children abused, teenagers trapped in drug-addiction and prostitution, prisoners tortured for decades, and babies crippled from nuclear mutation, just to make them worthy of my Kingdom.”

Some people look on other people as tools. They think of others in terms of production-value, entertainment-value, pleasure-value, cost etc. Fortunately there are many who recognize the sacredness of life, and thus in societies where it is possible, we let the mute, lame and wheel-chaired ones, who contribute to no work or service, remain with us. By their very existence they constitute Presence. They express the Sacred. This is what our Birth means. As we come into Life our value is already full. There is nothing we must do to deserve it. I will repeat that statement: There is NOTHING you must do to deserve value. Whatever you do, you cannot be less than others. Cultures which deny this principle are already lost, or immature.

Life IS Meaning. When we mentally come to experience our full integration with Life – our fullness of Being, we cease to question the meaning. The question evaporates, so to speak, because whatever we were lacking, whatever we sought to fill the void in ourselves, is no longer missing. As we go from “having a life” to “being Life” the idea of purpose vanishes. When we truly ARE, there are no such questions left. That is what the spiritual journey is all about – to know and merge with what already IS.

If you look for a meaning, it means you have not yet come to recognize your fullness. You are still struggling to become – to understand. Know then, that even if you cannot feel it at the moment, you already ARE, and the understanding you seek is not to be found in books or blogs like this one, but in your very Self. It is not a matter of words or concepts, but has to do fully with Being. As your mind struggles to get things in order, and as your emotions accompany its tune, Life is shouting from within – Hey, I'm already here! Know me! I am everywhere.

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