Friday, March 9, 2012

The Single Light

When it comes to art, I'm currently working on a series of paintings, which I think I will continue for some time ahead. In periods where I manage a more sincere spiritual effort my heart seems to sing out for one "thing" only, and all other interests fall away and look like silly pastime play. I find myself embracing expressions I can manage from a point of emptiness - ways of painting that require no thought or story. Painting becomes synonymous with meditation.

Light IV

Light V

Light VI


  1. like ya paintings sweet brotha.
    Spring will cum to the spanish(nacka) forestpaths anyday now.
    You could find yourself on a promenado through these lands soon we hope or sitting by water with a stick in hand waiting.
    So long / Peeta, the runner monkey of Elta

    1. Sounds pleasant indeed. I have long desired to be there, and time will cross these forest patsh with mine, I'm certain. In the meanwhile: There are only so many knives a Juggler can handle. Adding one too many, will make him drop them all, and wound himself. Who then will keep his beloved knifes flying?